insrt finance


How does the insrt finance protocol work?
insrt finance is a protocol for accessing returns from non-fungible digital assets. Our mission is to make NFTs productive by unlocking liquidity and making them more accessible.
Through our line of products we aim to serve both those who (yet) don't have the coveted bluechip NFTs and those who already own BAYCs, Punks and the like but would like to do more than holding or just selling these NFTs.

Protocol evolution

🏦 ShardVaults

ShardVaults are insrt’s first product - they acquire Bluechip NFTs and pay yield to users for becoming partial owners:
  • For non-NFT holders ShardVaults offer a low entry price to their favorite, coveted, Bluechip NFT collections. Additionally, the bluechips are deployed into NFT financial infrastructure to generate yield for Vault participants.
  • For NFT owners ShardVaults offer an opportunity to extract (partial) liquidity from their assets - you can shard, for example, 1/2 or 2/3 of your NFT, thus freeing some of the locked up funds while still holding on to some of the exposure.
  • Each ShardVault holds specific assets that are predetermined before even launching and after the filling of the Vault the contents of the Vault do not change. Instead new Vaults are spun up to offer new participants exposure to more NFTs.
What the ShardVaults do differently is offering an NFT native experience for acquiring fractionalized exposure. Positions are represented as NFTs, can be traded as NFTs and can be used through out the NFT finance landscape.

♾️ Auto-Deploy Pools

Natural evolution of the ShardVault product by creating a continuous user fund depositing system. Users can deposit their ETH at any point in time and choose which collection they’d like for their funds to go towards, or choose the Open Edition pool, which means their funds will go to whichever vault we launch next.
The NFTs will be collateralized and funds used to yield farm just as for any other ShardVault.

֍ ???

The Insrt Labs team is working on a new system that will move beyond fractionalized exposure to transform how we acquire NFTs and how current NFT holders can generate returns from their holdings. Stay tuned!
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