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insrt's in-house series of finance utility NFTs


The insrt NFT mint is the best way to get involved in insrt finance as a user, methodologist, a shitposter, a femboy, or, simply, a fren. A total collection of 1000 NFTs featuring 10 unique insrt artworks and 5 NFT tiers (common, uncommon, rare, legendary and unique tier) that will provide varying degrees of the benefits mentioned below.
Get yours at: Dawn of Insrt


Staking Rewards Boost

Once the INSRT token is live, all users will be able to stake their tokens to earn protocol fees. Token stakers that also own a Dawn of Insrt NFT will activate an additional multiplier for INSRT reward earnings.
Simply put: holders of an NFT with rarity of ‘Uncommon’ or higher will benefit from insrt’s protocol revenue by unlocking enhanced yield on their INSRT token positions.

Early Access

As insrt rolls out new product lines, there will be limited space for participation initially. We’d like our NFT holders to have priority access to each of our new products going forward. In regards to the ShardVault, we will start by reserving 50% of each vault’s supply for NFT holders to acquire first, tapering down upon subsequent ShardVault launches.
Since the first ShardVault features just 100 shards, there will be 50 slots total reserved for NFT holders; those slots are first come first serve. Fret not, as there will be more ShardVaults that we will continue to launch (including expansion to more bluechip collections 👀). As we expand our products beyond Shards, NFT holders will maintain their early access.

Protocol Fee Reduction

NFT holders will incur less fees across all of insrt’s product lines, based on the tier of their held NFT:

Governance Rights

Every member of the insrt community that is holding a Dawn of Insrt NFT is entitled to Governance Rights due to the tokens that will be airdropped to them.
Additionally, each ‘Legendary‘ Dawn of Insrt NFT is allotted 0.125% control of every future proposal. Each ‘Unique’ Dawn of Insrt NFT is allotted 0.5% control of every future proposal.
This empowers legendary & unique holders with additional control over protocol-wide decisions regarding deployment of new strategies, the use of treasury to bootstrap new/permutations of vaults, where to direct protocol liquidity, etc.

Token Airdrop

Last but certainly not least… Each Dawn of Insrt holder will receive an airdrop of INSRT tokens when the Token Generation Event (TGE) occurs. We’ve seen a lot of protocols introduce a burn system for NFTs in order to claim tokens. We won’t be doing any of that, what’s yours is yours. You can expect the TGE a few months down the line after our products have been live for some time.
In terms of rarities and how it will affect your token allocation, there will be an exponential multiplier in effect based on the rarity of your cards. At this moment in time, we’re happy to disclose the token amount prepared for the airdrop will be greater than 1% but less than 3% of the entire token supply 👀

More to Come

The INSRT token ecosystem is still a work in progress. We’re committed to delivering quality products where our token plays a meaningful role beyond purely being a vehicle for speculation. Additionally, the insrt NFT functions as a secondary utility token within our ecosystem. Holders can expect continuous development and integration that will cement the role of our NFT series as integral to our ecosystem.